Bring your family and friends and join us at The Chocolate Moose Bakery and Cafe where a friendly face will be happy to serve you homemade Newfoundland goodness - fresh breads, pies, cakes, cookies, and local berry desserts. Brown-bag a delicious soup and sandwich lunch for your hike. Or, sit down to a breathtaking view of mountains and ocean, maybe see a whale or two, and enjoy a bowl of deliciously creamy fish chowder or homemade burger for lunch!

Best of all - it's all made from scratch in our own kitchen!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Justine!

Justine's mom was having a surprise Casino-themed birthday party for Justine's "Sweet 16". And she wanted a fabulous cake to complete the look. So here's what we came up with...

3-layer cake (each layer a different flavour: Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry chip)
Fondant over buttercream icing
All details make by hand using fondant
I think even the back side turned out pretty good!

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Sophia!

For Sophia's 6th Birthday party, she wanted to have a beach-themed party. What a perfect way to celebrate cool November when you crave the warm summer weather.

The party was held in the Town recreation center all decked out with palm trees, hawaiian leis, picnic food like fruit and mini sandwiches, and 2 kiddie pools filled with water for the kids to swim! What fun!

And, of course, the cake...
(I can't take the design credit, Thanks to Cake Central for the inspiration)

Triple layer - Bottom is chocolate, middle layer is vanilla, top is Cherry chip cake-mix flavours.
Covered in buttercream icing and fondant.
All of the details - including those tricky palm trees! - handmade by me using fondant.

Thanks Sophia (and Sophia's Mom)! Loved how your cake turned out!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Booky the Bear Visits

The kids from our playgroup decided it was time to come for a visit to The Chocolate Moose Bakery to make some delicious muffins.

Some of the kids weren't very happy about putting on hair nets and aprons - they thought they looked "silly". I must agree, aprons and hair nets are not exactly stylish ;)

Overall, I think everyone had a great time cracking the eggs, pouring the sugar, and mixing all of the ingredients together. And then everyone got their own bowl with a spoonful of batter to customize their muffin - some chose to add apples and cinnamon, some added blueberries, some added chocolate chips (my personal fav), and some added a little bit of everything! Yum!

Emily mixing vinegar in milk to make substitute buttermilk
Heidi pouring in the sugar
Ashlynn helps add the butter
Aaron decided to add chocolate chips to his batter
Putting the batter into the muffin pans
While we wait for the muffins to bake, we may as well clean up :)
Michelle, the coordinator, and son, Brody, who we are told is quite the up and coming baker!
Great fun!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zoie's Wedding Cake

Zoie was coming "home" to Newfoundland for a visit with her parents. Her boyfriend suggested they take the opportunity to get married. She figured, "Eh, why not? We've been together for 16 years already."

So, she called up her father and he - because he's super organized - started making all the last-minute arrangements himself.

He called us for catering and for a wedding cake.

When Zoie arrived in town, she came by The Chocolate Moose, with her older sister, to discuss her cake options. Basically she said, "I'm really easy-going. I honestly don't care what the cake looks like as long as it's pretty." And with that, she allowed her sister to choose.

She chose a traditional pillared 3-layer "old-school" cake - 16" marble cake, 12" chocolate cake, 8" vanilla top cake -with white buttercream icing and just a tiny bit of green flowers and beads added.

It was my first time making a wedding cake like this and I'm quite pleased with the outcome, despite a few flaws in technical decorating technique.

Zoie, Thanks for allowing me to make the cake for your special day! Congrats!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Our lovely little Chocolate Moose Bakery & Cafe has been mentioned in a couple of articles this year...yay!

First HERE in the Globe and Mail

And now HERE at Canada Cool

We love it! Thanks!

Friday, August 12, 2011

We're on Facebook

Customers at the bakery this year have been telling us we need to be on facebook. They want to be our "friend". They want to leave nice comments and tell the world about our lovely "Chocolate Moose".

So here we are:

---->>> We're over there too :)

Pleeeease "Like" us!

And then click on "Reviews" on the left side bar on our profile page and say something totally and completely wonderful about your experience with us/our food/our baked goods ;)


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding Cake - Petra & Monty

Thanks to Petra and Monty for allowing me the opportunity to make their beautiful Wedding Cupcake "Cake" for their July 2nd wedding at Skona House in Frenchman Cove.

I was very excited about the brown and blue colour-scheme Petra chose, as well as the hydrangeas as they are my favourite flower ever!

4-tiered stand custom made by Yours Truly (that would be me!)
75 Chocolate cupcakes topped with mint-flavoured buttercream icing and swirl-patterned fondant.
Each cupcake was topped with fondant flowers, coloured blue to match Petra's provided colour swatch, all individually punched out by hand, and centered with a silver dragee.
The topper cake was 3 layers of chocolate cake filled and topped with mint-flavoured buttercream, covered in swirl-patterned fondant and then finished off with silk hydrangeas. (We had to go with silk flowers, the flower shop told us real hydrangeas would not survive the day without wilting - personally, I think these particular "fake" flowers looked quite nice).
...and Voila!

I think it turned out beautifully!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Bring the special Mom in your life and join us at The Chocolate Moose Bakery for a delicious Mothers Day meal:

When: Sunday, May 8th - serving Lunch and Dinner

Take Outs available from 2 - 4 pm

Menu Options

Turkey or Roast Beef Dinner $9.99
Choice of meat served with mashed potato, carrot, turnip, and dressing, smothered in gravy.

ColdPlate $8.99
Traditional deluxe coldplate with turkey, ham, lettuce and tomato, dressing, coleslaw, and potato, macaroni, beet, jelly, and mustard salads.

Quarter Chicken Dinner $9.99
Oven fried quarter chicken served with choice of potato with side veggies, caesar salad, or rice.

Hawaiian Meatballs $9.99
Homemade meatballs in a sweet pineapple sauce served on a bed of rice

Selection of a la carte desserts available.

Call ahead for reservations and with menu selection to 453-2262

We look forward to serving you.